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Presented by
Padmabhushan Sri
- eminent  
Kuchpudi dancer
from India
ShriRaja and SmtRadha Reddy,
the most extraordinary Kuchipudi
dancers - have been bestowed with
number of awards which includes
"PadhmaBhushan" the highest
award to honor a performing artist
by the Government of India. Here
in this interview Rajareddy shares
with us some insights onto
Kuchpudi and his memories
Part [1]
Progression of Dance -
East & West - Group
discussion - by
Guru Vishal Ramani -
Bharatanatyam Exponent

Ashok P. Subramanian -
Editor Vedavani - Spiritual  
magazine, Music Director
and Vocalist

Madurai R. Muralidharan -
Choreographer, Dancer,
Guru  Vishal Ramani, Founder and
Artistic Director of the oldest
dance school in the Bay Area, has
been described as a “virtuoso” of a
choreographer, with a “dazzling”
and “incendiary” sense of rhythm
and style. As a solo performer
choreographing her own pieces,
she has won overwhelming critical
acclaim for performances in the
United States and India, over the

Muralidharan is one of the best
and versatile artists of the younger
generations; who is not only a  
dancer, but a poet, musician and
music composer. His contributions
of music compositions to the
Bharatanaatyam repertoire are
highly commendable

Ashok P. Subramanian - Editor
Vedavani - Spiritual  magazine,
Music Director and Vocalist - is a
man of many talents, is also a
founder editor of Tamil monthly
magazine Thendral in US.
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Part [2]

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"No one faith is perfect. All
faiths are equally dear to
their respective votaries.

What is wanted, therefore,
is living friendly contact
among the followers of the
great religions of the world,
and not a clash among
them in the fruitless attempt
on the part of each
community to show the
superiority of its faith over
the rest.

Through such friendly
contact, it will be possible
for us all to rid our
respective faiths of
shortcomings and

- Mahatma Gandhi on Faith